Fight monsters, save the kingdom, and... Fall in love? A co-op side-scrolling beat-em-up about two girls trying to find balance between duty and self.

About the Game

Bìxié is a 2-player cooperative sidescrolling beat-em-up focused on narrative and theme. The primary gameplay involves solving simple puzzles, fighting enemies, and discovering more about the world through visual novel scenes.

To play the game locally, you need both a controller and a keyboard. To play the game online, you only need to select the same lobby number.

The art style consists of animated pixel art during the sidescrolling gameplay, alongside static illustrations for visual novel sections. It is inspired by traditional Chinese watercolor paintings and calligraphy.

Although the game supports online co-op, we recommend playing with a friend in person to get the full experience (when it's safe to, of course!)

About the Characters

Mei Lien

Mei Lien VN Sprite

「 I, Princess Mei Lien, renew my promise to face the darkness so my people need not. 」

The Dragon Princess blessed with the divine light. She’s a shy girl who simply wants to make a friend on this journey to save the kingdom.

Growing up, she had to be heavily protected and trained to harness the power of the light. As a result, she was confined to the castle walls and did not have any close companions.

Although she may give off the feeling of a lost lamb, she is indeed a powerful dragon who is determined to succeed, no matter what it takes.


「 I, Royal Protector Qinyang, renew my promise to ensure the Princess’ safety throughout the ritual. 」

The Royal Protector trained in lion-dancing and combat. She’s a blunt girl who was raised to believe her only purpose is to fight.

Raised by the kingdom and trained to be a warrior, Qinyang only knows how to follow orders. She speaks only when necessary, and instead prefers to observe. She has an intense stare that often scares people away.

Although she comes off as disinterested and intimidating, her harsh demeanor begins to chip away after meeting a certain princess.

Mei Lien VN Sprite

About Bìxié

Bìxié (辟邪; bìxié; pi-hsieh; lit. "to ward off evil spirits") are female Pixiu (貔貅; píxiū; P'i-hsiu) that ward off evil spirits and help people who are suffering from bad feng shui. They are mythical hybrid creatures that have the head of a Chinese dragon, the body of a lion, and two antlers. Bìxié use their large fangs to protect against demons and diseases, turning their evil essence into wealth. These creatures roam around, guarding their owners from all dangers even through multiple reincarnations.